3 Steps To Turn Your Nightmares Into Lucid Dreams

December 12, 2007 at 9:37 pm 1 comment

Nightmares…We all have them! Sometimes, they scare us so bad, we think about them for days upon days! We can picture each and every detail of the nightmare perfectly, and it haunts us every night before we go back to sleep!

The bad news:
There is no way that you can stop nightmares from happening. The exact cause of nightmares is still unknown, and until that is figured out, there is no way to prevent them.

The good news:
Through lucid dreaming, you can turn your nightmares into wonderful dreams!

Next time you go to sleep, and find yourself inside of a nightmare, think of this post and this blog. Think of the technique that I am about to tell you, and your nightmare will go away, and you will become lucid!

1. Recognize you are dreaming

Recognizing that you are dreaming can sometimes be the hardest part for most people. Check out this post on reality checks. Reality checks are the best way to recognize that you are in fact dreaming

2. Face your fears

Each and every person has fears. It is natural, and there is nothing wrong with being afraid of something! Sometimes, you subconscious uses dreaming to give it a chance to face its fears.

Take advantage of this opportunity! Whatever your nightmare is about, whether is it a monster chasing you, or a flock of killer birds flying over your head, stop, turn and face what you fear, and yell “This is my dream, get out!”

Most of the time, in my experience, the thing that I am fearing turns into something that would be very hard to be afraid of. One time, I was being chased by a wolf, I told the wolf to get out of my dream, and it turned into a deer (resembling the cute cartoon character, Bambi). Other times, it just turns into dust, and disappears.

3. Control the world around you

Now that you are completely in control of your dreams, you can do whatever your mind feels! You can fly through the skies, turn your surroundings into your dream vacation destination, and even talk to the mean thing that you just turned into Bambi! (Bambi will probably talk back, so don’t freak out!)

Lucid dreaming opens up your mind to experience things that in reality, you will never experience! Every time that you have a nightmare, think of this post, and take advantage of the opportunity to become lucid!

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  • 1. Beth  |  December 11, 2009 at 3:53 am

    i’m not saying this isn’t valid because sometimes controling your dreams works. but, i have had nothing but nightmares, with the exception of three nights, since i was fourteen, and i’m now nineteen years old. one thing in example of why this doesn’t always working is one night i was having a nightmare, and i recognized that because in the dream i was like this shouldn’t be a nightmare, this should be good. but it wasn’t it was a nightmare, so as i’m having this nightmare and in the middle of it it starts over. so when it gets back to the part where it actually became a nightmare i was like, “ok lock the door!” so i did and the thing that was after me came through the other door. so trying to control your dreams doesn’t always work.


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