The Discovery Channel Enters The DreamZone

December 15, 2007 at 10:52 pm Leave a comment

DreamzoneIf you are fascinated by the power of dreams, or you are looking to learn more about the meaning of your dreams, the Discovery Channel has a wonderful treat for you!

As a lucid dreamer, I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard about an upcoming series that will be aired by the Discovery Channel. They are calling it the “Dreamzone“. Here is what their website has to say about this series:

“This series examines, in some depth, but in a fast moving style, our inner universe as dreamers. Everybody dreams. Some people remember their dreams, some don’t. But we all dream several times per night. And we are all fascinated by what they might mean. Are they the remains of the day? Could they be foretelling the future? Or could they be our subconscious helping us sort out life’s problems? Dreams are a very mysterious, yet common everyday experience.”

Tell me that doesn’t sound interesting! You know the Discovery Channel only delivers quality programming, so this is something that dream enthusiasts should not miss!

If you haven’t had a a lucid dream yet, watching this show will probably greatly increase your chances of having one that night. In my experience, when I read about lucid dreaming, or watch shows about dreaming right before I go to sleep, my dreams are much more vivid, and I recognize that I am dreaming much easier.

Until next time,

Happy Dreaming!


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