Jump-Start Your Dream Life – Shortcuts To Lucidity

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Shortcuts… We all love them! We wish there were shortcuts for every task that we are faced with on a daily basis, but we don’t have that kind of luck. The good news is: when it comes to dreaming, and becoming lucid in your dreams, there are a lot of shortcuts that you can take.

I want you to remember… shortcuts are in no way guaranteed to get you where you want to go. If you are driving and decide to take an unfamiliar shortcut, and you don’t have a map, you run the risk of getting lost. The same logic applies to these shortcuts. These are not guaranteed to help you become lucid, but if done correctly (you take the right roads), you will have a lucid dream much quicker.

Also, there are no shortcuts around keeping a dream journal. If you want to become lucid in a dream, it is absolutely necessary to keep a journal! Think of the dream journal as your map. It tells you what to look for while you are taking your shortcuts, so that you can go in the right direction.

If you are not already keeping a dream journal, I suggest you check out this post on keeping a dream journal. It doesn’t require a lot of work, and keeping one will almost guarantee your success.

Now, here are a few ways that you can jump-start your lucid dream life:

Brain Wave Generator

The BrainWave Generator software is a must have for any lucid dreamer wanna-be! Not only does it help you relax while laying in bed, but it also has presets that will greatly improve your chances of having a lucid dream.

From Download.com (click to go to download page)

BrainWave Generator is a brain-stimulation application that creates sounds with binaural beats. It can be used for relaxation, meditation, enhancing learning capabilities, sleep induction, self-hypnosis, and more. You can add a wide variety of new effects, including background voices or noise, up to four independent sound channels, and sound waveforms. Version 3.1 includes a visual stimulation feature that flashes the computer screen at a set frequency. It also includes several more sound parameters than previous versions.

Vibrating Watch

If you have read any of my other post’s, you probably know the importance of reality checks. Sometimes, we get too caught up in reality to remember to do reality checks, and this is where a vibrating watch comes into play. If you set the vibrating watch to go off every hour, and you do a reality check every time it goes off, you will train your mind to recognize that vibration = reality check.

You can leave the watch on while you sleep, and every hour (or whatever increments you make it go off at), your watch will vibrate. If you are in a dream, and you feel the vibration, you will do a reality check and realize that you are dreaming! Now, you can become lucid!

The Vibralite 3 Vibrating Watch is the perfect watch for this task. Personally, I set my watch for 45 minutes. Most watches wont allow you to set your watch to continuously go off in those increments (usually only every hour), without resetting it. In my experience, I found that I have a better possibility of being in the REM stage (The stage where you dream) every 45 minutes, instead of every hour.

You could also get a watch that beeps, but sometimes you wont hear the beep in your dream. Sounds are sometimes distorted, but the feeling of vibration can not be mistaken for anything else, unless you are dreaming of being on a roller coaster or something like that.

Dream Inducing Foods/Vitamins/Supplements/Herbs

While there has been no scientific evidence that says these things will make you have a lucid dream, if you look around the forums, you will notice that most people strongly believe that they help them become lucid in their dreams.

(Click for more information)

Vitamin B6




Calea Zacatechichi


Lucid Dreaming Kit

I started lucid dreaming before it was as popular as it is now. There wasn’t any “all-in-one” kits that helped me become lucid. Now, because of so much interest in lucid dreaming, there has been a lot more scientific study. When there is scientific study, methods of doing things become much easier. If you are looking for a kit that will help you become lucid, you should check out this lucid dreaming kit. They have a guarantee that you will have your first lucid dream within 7 days, or you will get a full refund. Thats a pretty solid guarantee if you ask me. I think it might be worth a try if everything else fails for you.

Well, Thats all I have for shortcuts right now. Subscribe to this feed, because I will be regularly updating it with new shortcuts and tools that I run into. Also, if you know of any other shortcuts or tools that you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment.

Until next time,

Happy Dreaming!


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