MILD – Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream


Have you ever woke up from a dream, and wished that you could go right back into that dream? How amazing would that be? With lucid dreaming, and the MILD technique, it is not only possible to go back to your dream, but you will be able to take full control of that dream!


The MILD technique was discovered by Dr. Stephen LaBerge. MILD stands for the Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream technique. Basically, when using the MILD technique, you are telling yourself that you will have a lucid dream. This may sound a little bit crazy, but studies show, it really does work!

Before attempting the MILD technique, it is important that you have pretty good dream recall. Your dream recall can be improved by creating a dream journal. If you already remember a lot of your dreams, then you are good to go!

Below, I will walk you through the process that I use when attempting to enter a lucid dream using the MILD technique. This process can be changed a little bit to better suit your wishes, as long as it stays pretty much the same.

Find a comfortable position that you plan on sleeping in. Personally, I lay on my side. It is just a little bit more comfortable to me than laying on my back or stomach

As you lay in silence, completely relax your body. If you are one of those people who have trouble relaxing, I suggest you check out the very helpful 61 Point Relaxation Technique. I had trouble relaxing in the beginning of my lucid voyage, and this technique really helped.

Once your body is completely relaxed, and you are breathing comfortably, slowly begin to repeat this phrase to yourself over and over.

“I will wake up after every dream and remember my dream”

This is called an affirmation. Studies have shown that affirmations are very successful in any self improvement endeavor. By telling yourself that you will wake up and remember your dreams, you are programming your mind to do just that!

Hopefully, the affirmations work, and you wake up after your dream is over. When you wake up, immediately write your dream down. This helps to bring out some details that you may have forgotten. It also keeps your dream on your mind.

After your dream has been written down (5-10 minutes), lay back in your bed in the same comfortable position. Completely relax your body again, and begin to picture the dream you were just in. Picture the buildings, the walls, or anything else that you can remember from your dream.

If everything goes as planned, you will slip into your dream world again. If you believe that you are indeed dreaming (sometimes, its hard to tell the difference between reality and a dream), do a reality check. If you are dreaming, congratulations! You can now control your whole dream world!

If you failed to recognize that you were dreaming, do not worry! You will probably wake up again after that dream, and you can try again! The MILD technique is not easy, so don’t get down on yourself if takes a few nights to achieve lucidity! Just stay determined and believe that it will happen, and sure enough, it will!

The MILD technique has shown to provide some very vivid dreams. Some say that their dreams are more real than reality sometimes, after entering a dream world with the MILD technique! Prepare yourself for a wonderful journey, and enjoy every second of it!

Until next time,

Happy dreaming!


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  • 1. Dia  |  November 15, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    So thats what this technique is called.
    I’ve been doing this for years by accident.
    I dont have to write the dream down, though, becuase I always remember them. If I have an interesting dream, I’ll lie in bed for a while thinking about it. Eventually if I’m tired enough I just slip right back into it and take up where I left off. At this point, I’m usually more in control because the first time I ran through the dream I didn’t know I was dreaming.

    I think now that I know about this technique though, it’ll be easier to take on full complete control when I re-enter, because I’ll be thinking about it more clearly.

    Why is it that children can lucid dream so easily?
    I only do it on occasion now, as a child it was every night )=


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