WILD – Wake Induce Lucid Dream

The WILD, or Wake Induced Lucid Dream, is one of the most interesting techniques used to achieve lucid dreams. Instead of falling asleep and then dreaming, with this technique, you seamlessly leave the real world and enter your dream world! Sounds amazing doesnt it?

The secret to the WILD technique is being able to recognize when you are in the hypnagogic stage of sleep.

“The hypnagogic state occurs on the border between waking and sleeping. It can be anything from colored dots to flashes of color or complete images. As you keep paying attention to it they will develop into more detailed images and if you stay aware you will find yourself inside your dream.”

courtesy of ld4all.com


Heres how to become lucid using the WILD technique.


  • Lay in a comfortable position.
  • Once you get comfortable, completely relax your body. If you have trouble relaxing, use the 61 Point Relaxation Technique
  • After you are completely relaxed, begin to count down from 100. After each number, say to yourself: “I am dreaming”.
  • If you get all the way down to the number 0 without being in a dream, try again!
  • After the second attempt, and you are still not dreaming, picture yourself slowly walking to your doorway. Do not go through the door until you do a reality check. Sooner or later, you will actually be in your dream world facing the same doorway you imagined!
  • After 3 or 4 attempts, and you are not in the dream world yet, I recommend that you give up on it for the night. Tomorrow is another night, and you can try again!

The important thing is that you stay determined. If you believe you will have a lucid dream, it will happen!



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  • 1. Hi  |  December 21, 2007 at 8:06 am

    How many tries does it take most people? I doesn’t seem to be working for me.

  • 2. haveluciddreams  |  December 21, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    There is no way for me to say how many tries it will take. Some people can become lucid using the WILD technique on the very first time, others have been trying for a few months and still havnt achieved lucidity using the WILD technique.

    If you are having trouble with the WILD technique, try the MILD technique. It is more geared towards beginners.

    The important thing is not to give up though. You also have to believe that it will really happen. If you dont believe, how can you expect your subconscious to believe? Just keep trying, and you will get it!


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